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Instant Activation

5 Email, FTP & MySQL accounts

99% Uptime

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And a lot more free features!

                     Cheapest cPanel Web Hosting

                                cPanel with Softaculous

                                Unlimited Features

                                Daily Backups & Scans

                                Instant Activation

                                24/7 Monitoring/Support

                                99.95% Uptime

                                30 Day Money Guarantee

                                From $1 a year Cheap!

Hosting  Cheapest CPanel Websites

Cheapest CPanel Websites hosting

Hosting Australias Cheapest CPanel Websites

Don’t get ripped off paying monthly for disk space or bandwidth you don’t use.
We don’t offer unrealistic, huge, unlimited plans because these have so many restrictions!
It’s physically impossible to offer unlimited space and bandwidth, check the fine print!

Our cPanel web hosting is the cheapest because we offer customised, yearly discounted plans.
Plus, we go further and offer an extra $5 off a year!
Almost giving our web hosting away!

Why Pay for Website hosting?

Free website hosting is great for certain things like school project, small hobbies or interest sites or learning programming, but not ideal for a reliable business site.
If you value your time, it’s best to pay for a feature reach and reliable service.
Starting from $1 pear year! with cPanel and Softaculous our web hosting is the cheapest and value for money!

Below is a list of reasons to consider before deciding your hosting provider.

No Restrictions

Our free hosting is among the best, our clients tell us.
Unfortunately we have to put restrictions to prevent abuse.
It does not effect normal use.
Our free hosting restrictions are listed here
If the free web hosting company doesn’t provide this upfront beware!


Our free servers still have a great uptime, however they are harder to maintain due to the large number of sites on each servers and they also receive a lot more DDoS attacks.
Paying for hosting obviously means less people using the same server, therefore more reliable.

Better features

Our Free web hosting server uses our custom control panel.
It is not as user friendly or feature rich as cPanel/Softaculous.
However, our free server control panel does 90% what cPanel does.

See a complete comparison between our Free servers and our cPanel servers.

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